Live BIG! Live LOUD! with LSVT for LIFE®

What is LSVT for LIFE?

LSVT for LIFE is a new web-based exercise platform created for people who have completed LSVT programs. LOUD for LIFE is for people who have completed the four-week LSVT LOUD® speech treatment. BIG for LIFE is for people who have completed the four-week LSVT BIG® physical and occupational therapy program under the direction of LSVT® Certified Clinicians. LSVT for LIFE membership is designed to help you maintain your goals and stay motivated to keep your voice and movements strong!

Try it for FREE for 30 days!

Trial starts from date of purchase.

No credit card required.

No long term commitment.

Your monthly membership to BIG for LIFE and/or LOUD for LIFE includes:

  • Virtual LOUD for LIFE and/or BIG for LIFE group exercise classes offered “live” weekly via Zoom. Classes are one-hour long and are led by experienced LSVT for LIFE Coaches. Join to practice your LSVT exercises with others during fun, functional activities bringing your louder voice and bigger movements into the real-world.
  • Recorded LOUD for LIFE and BIG for LIFE classes. Does the live class not fit your schedule? Prefer to exercise on your own? The recorded classes may be perfect for you!
  • LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG Homework Helper Videos. Your membership includes free streaming anytime/anywhere of the exercises shown in the Homework Helper videos.
  • Functional Tips and Clips. Access our growing library of videos where our coaches demonstrate how to “Think BIG” and “Think LOUD” in many common, real-world situations.
  • Community Events. Use your louder voice or bigger movements while interacting with other group members. There is no formal exercise during these events, just time to connect and have fun.
Hear from some of our LSVT for LIFE members on what being a part of our classes means to them!

Join other LSVT Graduates today! You worked hard to improve your voice and movement, and we are here to help you maintain your gains and stay motivated!